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Giving and Getting

One of the most important things I learned from this project was that when you give back to the community, you’re getting back valuable experience that you can learn from and use in the future. Whether you’re working with people… Continue Reading →

Final Physiotherapy Flashbacks

Even though I think I say this every time I write a final In-depth report, time keeps moving faster each year and I feel like it was just a little while ago that I decided on my topic for the… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Clinic

Winter break has been going by quite quickly, which means that it is nearing the home stretch of the course. It feels like it was only a little while ago when I barely knew terminology for parts of the body,… Continue Reading →

Interviews and Shoulder Sessions

Although the first few months of the project were done through researching and taking notes, I am finally transitioning into seeing how the things I have learned can be applied to real life examples. I was able to set up… Continue Reading →

Direction & Progression

It is now eight weeks into the semester, and things are definitely moving along. Since my last post, I finished the video on the Cellular Structure of Bones, and began researching on the feet and ankles. I learned about the… Continue Reading →

Refining the Plan

After a very effective 20 minute Skype call with my mentor, Travis, my action plan has been refined and has become more detailed and realistic. We discussed any areas of my proposal that needed clarification, and he was able to… Continue Reading →

Round Three of Independent Studies

School has rolled in, and it feels like I’m back completing round three of my In-depth project. However, this time, I’ll be focusing on a new field of study: kinesiology and the human body— in particular, physiotherapy. I have been looking forward to… Continue Reading →

Take A Bow

Even though In-depth night was over a week ago, I still remember it very clearly in my mind. As a follow-up to the project, I have decided to post my final routines. The first performance was a shortened version of… Continue Reading →

They Called Me Notre Dame de Thermidor

My old love, Jean Lambert Tallien:   It has been so long since we last spoke, and I cannot help but bid one last goodbye to the man I once knew all too well. I never expected life to hold… Continue Reading →

Put a Ring On It

August 10, 1793 Entry 784, Life has been crazy over these past few years. I knew I should have been cautious of all those desperate lower class citizens trying to accuse us aristocrats of being anti-revolutionaries. They had these ideas imprinted in their minds that all people born… Continue Reading →

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