Field trips sure are different when it comes to the transition from middle school to high school. I mean, there was actually a purpose for this trip—to bond between Talons members, and get inspiration whether it was for the eminent project or just for the future. In mental preparation, I decided that I would seek to get closer to both the morning and afternoon Talons, and to gather a bit of research about my eminent person from that gigantic library.

Bus ride there

Bus ride there

Starting with the bus ride, the atmosphere of everyone’s friendly energy already got me started in fulfilling my first goal: to socialize with my peers.

Art museum

Art museum

Next, we explored the amazing art museum, which included many interesting things such as stone tools and weapons, woven baskets, taxidermy animals, and much, much more.


SFU Warts


While the morning class was busy exploring the Art museum, Mr.Jackson introduced us to an activity called “people watching” where we literally watched people go around with their day to day lives and examined  what went on around the building on a regular basis.


The design was very symmetrical

Around 10:00, everyone headed towards a Himalayan buffet, where we wound down and waited to serve our food after answering a trivia question created by Mr.Jackson. The food there was delicious, and included butter chicken, rice, curry, fruit salad, deep fried dough in an extremely sweet syrup, and everyone’s favourite, naan bread that was continuously being brought out fresh from the oven due to popular demand.

The Himalayan buffet

IMG_20141030_111138174Once we had finished our fabulous lunch, we were lucky to receive a tour from Jamie’s older sisters. We traveled through the campus with our tour guides, exploring the premises of the University. Mr. Salisbury also pointed out that the architectural design of SFU was very symmetrical and the people who had built it were very fond of using cement (which could be noticed quite quickly.)IMG_20141030_131258334

Finally, we recruited at the library, and everyone searched for information on their eminent people, trying to be as quiet and polite as possible, so we wouldn’t disturb the students who went there to study. I was able to find two books on my eminent person, however I only used 4 pages towards my research.

Throughout this trip, I successfully got to know my fellow Talons better, and also learnt what it’s like to be in University. Although the main focus of the trip was to get information for the eminent project, I did not seem to get much, and just decided to enjoy the whole experience instead. As for what’s coming next, I’ll be getting ready to do an interview and will also begin writing my speech!IMG_20141030_132830818