Here are all my sources throughout this project:

  • Wikipedia~ all the general information about Julia Child (age, birthdate, family, etc.) as well as a list of her achievements and a timeline of the events in her life
  • a biography including a synopsis of Julia Child’s life and details about her early life, World War II, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” television success, and death and legacy. Also includes a short TV interview video and pictures.
  • random Julia Child facts that I included as “Did you knows” in my learning centre which have stuff to do with her personally (eg. foot size, flowers named after her, etc.) but not much to do with her life
  • Phoenix New Times Blogs~ More random facts that focus more on her life and achievements and have mini paragraphs of details that explain each fact (eg. info on cookbook, blowtorch quote, etc.)
  • Julia Child List of her awards and the dates she received them. I did not use the rest of her website, but it looks like there could be some useful information about the whole timeline of her life there.
  • National Post~ Someone who interviewed Julia Child’s biographer’s website, discussing things such as her voice, and her personality.
  • Youtube~ a video from Julia Child’s TV cooking show, “The French Chef”. This episode was on cooking chicken, and I based my entire speech off of this one video.

  • From amazon images