Wow, Night of the Notables was quite an experience. Starting with the frantic preparations done throughout the last week and ending with the big night itself, the memories of the eminent person project are still fresh on my mind.

Although I was struggling a bit from the pressure of putting out a nice presentation, I know for a fact that the grade tens were having a whole lot more stress since they were not only dressing up and becoming their inspirational people, but were also presenting a speech on front of an entire audience of classmates, teachers and family members. Night of the Notables began with the grade ten speeches, and let me just tell you, they were absolutely amazing. Every single student had transformed into the specific influential person they had been studying for the last month, and each student gave a unique speech—whether it was serious, informative, humorous, etc.—to describe their eminent person. I know that all the grade nines, myself included, were in awe at the abilities of our mentors, and we are going to have to work our butts off if we want to have a chance of topping them next year.

Once the speeches were finished, everyone sprinted upstairs to prepare for the next event: presenting the learning centres. Just as I was lugging the computer screen and netbook I was using back to my station, the parents began flooding up the stairs and into the hall. I was still setting up as the first few parents strolled past my centre, stopping politely to look at each centre in turn. I was pleased to have_20141207_003449 parents asking questions about Julia Child, and even more pleased when some parents would get excited after recognizing my eminent person. Some of the most common questions I received were, “Why did you choose Julia Child?” and “How did you discover her?” My response was that I was attracted to her personality and the way that she could enjoy cooking, although at that time, it was a task that not many thought of enjoying. I discovered Julia Child recently, when my Grandma had told me to try searching her up since she knows I love to cook. After watching her chicken video, I had begun admiring her personality and ended up choosing her as the focus of my study, and basing my speech off of that episode.

My learning centre was quite simple compared to other ones, but I was comfortable with knowing about exactly where everything was at my station and being able to reference back to info around the learning centre. As shown below, on my poster board I glued pictures of Julia Child to give a visual of what she looked like to people who may not know her. I also used a cardboard roll to hang across the foldable flaps, then hung facts on the backs of recipe cards to inform people about the basic timeline of her life. I did not include any of her achievements or awards on the recipe cards, because I incorporated those facts into the game I set up. In the game, I hid pink pieces of paper around the set with Julia Child’s achievements on them. There were eight hidden facts, and I hoped that the game would make my station more interactive and interesting to look at.


My goals were to present an engaging speech, create an interactive learning centre, and to learn more about Julia Child, so I’d say that I succeeded in achieving each focus of mine. I surprised myself with my ability to talk freely during my dead-chicken-perspective speech without having a nervous breakdown or mind blanks on front of the audience which I was quite proud about. Next year I hope I have the ability to remain calm when it comes to performing on the stage. As for my learning centre, I still see room to make it even more fantabulous next year, but I am glad that I was able to add in “the game” as an interactive component. Finally, I learnt a pleasing amount of information on Julia Child, and the more I read about her, the more I began to admire her. I hope to be able to develop those traits that I find inspirational in her, in myself.

Of course, there is still room for improvement. I will try to write more drafts for my speech next year, since this time I only wrote one and simply edited in order to change up my speech. I would also like to create a bigger and more interesting learning centre that will keep the people visiting my centre fully engaged and leave them with something memorable about whoever it is that I choose to study next year. Lastly, I would like to keep up to date on the blog posts since I seem to be doing majority of them all in one day rather than after each step of the project. With these improvements, I will be looking forward to creating an even better project than I did this year.

I would like to thank Mr.Jackson for leading us through the steps in creating our blog posts, helping us decide on an inspirational person, and assisting us along our whole journey throughout the project. I also need to give a big thanks to Ms.Mulder for organizing the Night of the Notables itself, as she does for all the Talons trips and activities as well. Thank you to Mr.Albright for being flexible with the English class work time so we could focus on Eminent, and also for taking pictures of the learning centres. Thanks to all the guests who came, and a congratulations to all the grade tens for their amazing speeches, we’ll have a very difficult time topping you guys next year. Additionally, good job for the grade nines on their first big Talons project. Another thanks is necessary for my parents for keeping their cool as I freaked out over preparing for the big night, and a special thanks goes to Mr.Abbinante for that awesome interview. Overall, Night of the Notables 2014 was a memorable event, and I can’t wait for NotN 2015!