We, human, have been around for thousands of years. During that time, we have expanded our possibilities for the future, while keeping where we came from in mind.

Where have we been? And where are we going? Well if we are thinking geographically, we live on a planet called Earth, and Earth is merely a speck in the enormous universe. In the past, we have been contained in our comfortable little world, but our knowledge is constantly expanding and we have begun to wonder about what is past this planet we call home. We are now stepping past our old boundaries and into the great unknown, seeking to explore the other planets in the universe and to discover what we never knew about. We have been on Earth, and we are going to adventure through the galaxy in search for other living beings or areas that can support life.

Our world used to be a dark place. Differences were frowned upon and cast away, rather than being embraced. People born with different skin colours were treated with terribly different levels of respect. Back in the day, keeping other people as slaves was completely acceptable, and human rights were far from equal. People who had a different sexual preference than the norm would be frowned upon, and anyone else that did not fit in with the “typical straight white man” standard was thought to be less valuable than everyone else. Since then, things have changedThankfully now, diversity is welcomed in Canada and racism is shunned. Slavery has been abolished, and although human trafficking and child labour continues to be an issue, people are spreading awareness and working hard to end these problems.

Technology is ever-changing, and compared to the beginning of time when tools such as sharp rock  were our highest form of technology, we have worked to create many more amazing things. The question, “where have we been and where are we going?” has many possible answers. These are just my opinions on the topic, and I believe that with time, we will continue to amount to even more amazing things.