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March 2015

Halfway there!

Are we already halfway through the In-Depth project? According to the calendar we are, although it feels like we’ve only just gotten started! De Bono discussed the relation between concepts and practical ideas, so for our 6th blog post, we were… Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect

This week, we learned about De Bono’s idea of using six colourful hats to sort our thoughts into during conversations. These hats described the different ways we think while in different situations, and how people use the same hat while chatting with… Continue Reading →

Dear Diary, 1782-1793

March 14, 1782   Sometimes I wonder what I thought of Earth the first day I saw it with my own two eyes. It must have been beautiful. I’m sure I never would’ve imagined that the world could be so… Continue Reading →

Path to Freedom~ The Underground Railroad

When I first heard of the Underground Railroad, I pictured tracks laid across the floor of a dirt tunnel, with men and women scurrying through the ground, escaping from their old lives and heading towards freedom. By reading through this… Continue Reading →

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