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This week, we learned about De Bono’s idea of using six colourful hats to sort our thoughts into during conversations. These hats described the different ways we think while in different situations, and how people use the same hat while chatting with each other. Our blog post challenge was to find a small section of the conversation we had with our mentor, and to determine which hat we used during it.

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A while back, Sarah had mentioned something about an upcoming fashion show that was supposed to take place on May 27th.  I chose this specific conversation to re-write because I felt that it involved many different types of hats.

Sarah: Remember that fashion show? They decided not to have it anymore

(The blue hat set up the focus of the conversation, which was about the fashion show being cancelled. This led us to further discuss the topic and use other types of hats)

Partner: Really? What happened?

Sarah: It was right before the break, and we realized that everyone would have to put their full effort into it to make it work. If anyone didn’t, it wouldn’t work out since there’s only 8 of us. I guess since it was really close to the end of school, everyone just lost motivation.

Me: Aww, that’s too bad.

(The black hat was used when Sarah explained why the fashion show was not able to work. I used the red hat by describing my feelings about what she had told us, and replying with disappointment.)

Sarah: The class took a vote though, and they might change it to a fashion shoot rather than a fashion show.

(The green hat was used when Sarah had mentioned the shoot, and this opened up the possibilities of something taking the place of the show.)

Partner: Do you like the fashion shoot better than the fashion show?

Sarah: I was just disappointed because we already put a lot of effort into the fashion show.

(My partner brought the red hat back into the conversation by asking Sarah about her feelings on the shoot replacing the show, and Sarah had answered, while expressing her disappointment.

 PhotoGrid_1426209585411That draws a conclusion to the conversation we had, and the types of hats we used during it. On another topic, guess what I learned during our last session? How to do cornrows! While my partner practiced her straightening technique, our mentor taught me how to do cornrows. Luckily, I already knew how to do a dutch braid (or a reversed French braid), so for this look, I just had to pull the hair a bit tighter and make smaller braids.PhotoGrid_1426208939135

Out of the sessions with our mentor, I’ve been practicing hairdressing so that I will improve and develop more skills in the time that we have until the In-depth night.

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Melanie asked me to style her hair for a music video she was filming for her In-depth project. She had an idea of an Ariana Grande inspired curled half-updo, and I was more than happy to take on the challenge. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get some practice, and plus I was excited how her hair would look when I watched the finished music video. I started out by brushing her hair and dividing the top part of her hair from the bottom half. Next, I divided her hair into layers and began curling it using Melanie’s mom’s 1 inch barrel curling wand. I liked her curling wand since it had no clamp, and my mentor had mentioned that the clamp could be hard to use sometimes. I remembered to curl the hair in different directions for each section so that it would create an illusion of more volume. Click here to watch Melanie’s music video.

My partner and I got together to practice our braiding. This was a good opportunity for us to develop our skills outside of the time we spend with out mentor. Since I previously learned how to do a few types of braids, I taught some to my partner. Since it was a very nice evening, we decided to go to Lafarge lake, and had a nice session braiding by the sunset.

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The first type of braid my partner asked to learn was the side French braid. This was fairly simple to teach since she already knew how to do a normal French braid. In order to do a French braid, you begin by dividing a small section of hair into three sections, and putting  one side over the middle, then the other side over the middle. Next, you would add a small piece to each of the two outer sections, then cross them over again. You would continue this until you reach the bottom of the hair, then tie it off. The only difference between a side and a normal French braid is that for a side braid, you would pull all the hair towards one direction while braiding.

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The second type of braid I showed my partner was the waterfall braid. This was a bit more complicated than the other braids. You start out with three sections and braid it once. Next, you hold the section closest to the face out of the way, and add a new section from underneath. After that, you take a small section and incorporate it into the section farthest from your face, and braid it. You continue this until you reach the back of the head, then finish the braid normally and tie it off. Click here for a link to a Youtube tutorial if you’d like to learn how to do a waterfall braid.

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A while ago, my partner and two other friends came over to bake the cookie recipe that Anne had posted from her In-Depth project. I took advantage of the situation, and decided to do some braiding. Both of my friends have long and gorgeous hair, and they were kind enough to let me play with it for a while.

For one of my friends, I found inspiration from a Youtube video to create a mermaid knot braid that finishes with a fishtail braid. Click here to find the video tutorial of how to create a mermaid knot braid, and click here to find the video tutorial of how to do a fishtail braid.

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For my other friend, I created a carousel lace braid. This specific hairstyle is meant for very long hair, and I found the tutorial on Youtube. Click here to find the video tutorial of how to do a carousel lace braid.

Quite a while ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of a fishtail braid I had done on myself before my hair was cut. A few days ago, my mom and I had spent a day together in Richmond, so I had created a knotted side bun hairstyle for the special day. Click here to see the video I had followed to earn the knotted side bun hairstyle.

So that was the update on what I have been doing lately. My partner and I will continue to practicing and developing our skills!

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