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April 2015

Socials Midterm

Looking back at everything we did during Socials, I begin to realize how much I learned over these past two semesters. When I looked through the Personal Learning Outcome booklet, I reflected on what new knowledge I have gained, as… Continue Reading →

My Final Goodbye

  My¬†Final Address before I say goodbye: In the year 1867, calm discussions were enough to shift an entire nation towards compliance, whereas 74 years earlier, my screams for help were barely a whisper in the wind. Isn’t it odd… Continue Reading →

Dear Diary, Will It Work?

  February 10th, 1841 My master has been speaking of the progression of Canada since I had last stepped foot on that land. Of course, he had been happy about the uprisings during 1838, chuckling about how Canada East and… Continue Reading →

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