February 10th, 1841

My master has been speaking of the progression of Canada since I had last stepped foot on that land. Of course, he had been happy about the uprisings during 1838, chuckling about how Canada East and Canada West would rip themselves apart before the Americans even had to deal with them. Although I never had such a pleasant life in Queenston, I still have an attachment to my old country, and can’t help but pray for peace in the home I was savagely sold from by Vrooman.

There has been new word about this Durham guy’s project. Heard of him? He’s the one that Britain sent in order to find a solution to the conflict happening between Upper and Lower Canada. A few years ago, he announced that thing about “responsible government” and how he wished to combine both Canadas to create a peaceful place (and secretly, to drown out the French culture).

In my opinion, it was good on him to try and mix both cultures, but I don’t think it’s fair to get rid of the French. Yes, I do feel a stronger connection with Upper Canada, having lived there for quite a while; however, I don’t want the French to be completely wiped out. I know what it feels like to be stomped down upon, and I wouldn’t wish for any other person, no matter which ethnicity or race, to experience that treatment. Nobody should be “ridded of”. I strive for the equality of all people, the rights of the minority, and the abolishment of slavery.

Anyways, this morning, my master was ranting about how Upper and Lower Canada have finally come to an agreement to merge. They called it “The Act of Union”. This is the start of a new nation, one that is ready for either cooperation or destruction. I pray that this decision will lead to a better Canada, but I cannot be so sure that the British and the French will every truly be able to live together happily.

So now I ask you diary, will it work? Will the two halves come together to become a unified whole? Will these two diverse cultures be able to cooperatively make agreements as ‘the New Canada’? Will the British succeed in their horrible plan to wipe out the culture of another group? Or will the French fight back to gain equal rights in all matters? I can only ponder about the answer, for only God knows what the future holds.