My life has been quite frantic over the past few weeks, from planning for the adventure trip, to getting through the many sports activities such as netball, basketball and track & field. I didn’t even notice the due date for the last In-depth blog post creeping up. Now, the In-depth project is finally drawing to an end, and the final post will be focusing on emotions and feelings, as well as diversions.

People  connect with each other through their emotions everyday, whether it is between family or between friends. I feel like my partner, our mentor, and I have gotten closer during these past months. When we aren’t receiving instructions or learning the steps to a new hairstyle, we tend to have casual conversations where we will discuss whatever has been happening in our lives recently. During these discussions, we share our feelings on the topic by expressing them verbally and through our body language. A conversation without emotion is quite uninteresting and unengaging, but when we bring how we feel into the picture, it adds a whole other level of connection between people.

One instance when Sarah and I had an emotional conversation was when she was talking about the cancellation of the fashion show. A few weeks earlier, during my hair cut, Sarah had told me about the fashion show, and I could tell that she was quite happy about it because her voice sounded chirpy and she had even stated that she was excited for the event. When she told me about how it got cancelled, Sarah didn’t have a smile on her face, and I could easily tell that she was upset. I had shown similar emotions as her when she had first explained about the fashion show, and when she had told me about it’s cancellation. I would imagine that I displayed it through my facial expressions or my body language. When I had first found out about the event, I was getting my hair washed at the moment, so I could not really express my feelings through movement; however, I smiled and asked questions to encourage the conversation. A while ago, when I found out that they weren’t going to have it anymore, I stopped what I was doing and turned to face Sarah to show my surprise. After the conversation, I told her that I was disappointed just like she was, but tried to lift the mood when she told me about the photo shoot by saying that it sounded fun.

The ending to that conversation leads to the next focus for this blog post, which is diversions. When Sarah had brought up the topic of the photo shoot, I had jumped on the idea and changed the focus from being on the fashion show to being on the photo shoot. By doing so, it had lifted the mood from having a negative vibe to having a positive one.  Another example of when a diversion came into a conversation was when Sarah, my partner and I had been looking at some photos of hairstyles that Sarah had created during her ACE-it class. While scrolling through the pictures of mannequins with ombre hair and fancy hairstyles, we came across a picture of a mannequin with a shoulder length hair framing the face, that got shorter as it reached the back of the head. Sarah had said that this bob was her current favourite hairstyle, which led my partner to ask what our mentor’s favourite era of hairstyles was. This diversion led to the start of a new interesting conversation, and both my partner and mentor had connected by expressing their feelings about the topic of different hairstyles of each era.

Both emotions and diversions are used to engage people in exciting conversations that people can connect over. I chose to focus on this topic out of the two options because as I read De Bono’s description, I realized that both feelings and diversions come up so often in everyday discussions, yet I never really thought about it. It was interesting to focus on these specifically for my final blog post.

As In-Depth night slowly draws nearer, it comes time to start preparing for the big event. For my partner and I, this includes planning for the display and trying to perfect our skills through practice. Especially since there is about a month left, I’ve been trying to practice as much as possible. Here are some pictures of hairstyles that I did over the past little while.

Christal’s French braid bun in the Ceramics room (Photo from my phone)

My half French braid incorporated into a ponytail (Photo from my phone)

Risa’s Fishtail French braid decorated with daisies from the Canoeing Certification day (Photo credits to Elyssa Bingham)

As an update, during our last session, we decided to work on learning a difficult hairstyle called the Starburst Braided Bun. To complete this hairstyle, you begin by dividing out a circular section of hair all around the head, then tying the middle into a ponytail directly in the centre of the head.

Collage from my phone

Next, you slip a donut maker (as shown in the picture) onto the ponytail, and arrange the hair to fan out evenly around the head. You then take a section of the hair framing the donut ponytail, right behind the ear and dividing that section into three more sections. You begin doing a French braid by crossing one piece over the centre, then another piece over the centre.

Photo from my phone

When you take another section from closer to the top of the head, you take some from the donut ponytail as well, and incorporate it into the section and continue to braid, repeating the process. Once you have gone all the way around the head—starting from the ear, going towards the face and around the back of the head until returning to the original starting spot— you finish the braid, then tuck it into the rest of the braid to hide the end and create a halo-like look. Click here to watch a Youtube tutorial.

Collage from my phone

Although this is the last assigned blog post, both me and my partner are definitely going to continue practicing the skills we’ve learnt. We are currently brainstorming ideas for the presentation of our project on In-depth night, and can’t wait for the big event!

In case anyone is not aware, the awesome person that I am partnering with for this In-depth project is Risa. You can read her In-depth blog posts by clicking here.