These are all the sources I used in my research on my Eminent person, Joy Adamson.

Joy Adamson-Animal Rights Activist, Journalist

A biography of the general events of Joy’s life, specifically focusing on her early life, and the story behind the movie “Born Free.” This didn’t go into too much detail, and gave a nice summary on what she did in her lifetime. 

Joy Adamson Biography

A detailed explanation on Joy’s life, focusing on her animal activist work. It describes her young adulthood, then transitions into her story with Elsa and her foundations. It ends off with a story about her murder.

Astrology: Joy Adamson

A site with basic facts about her (including her name, birth date, location, family, and significance.) The site mainly focuses on her “Astrology portrait”, although I did not use this information. 

Joy Adamson

Details about Joy’s childhood, life in Africa, later life, personal life, murder, and legacy. It gives a nice overview of what she accomplished in her life.

Joy Adamson

A site about her personal life in a story-like format. It included her marriages, life with lions, and the event that lead her to becoming an animal activist.

Joy Adamson- New World Encyclopedia

A good summary of her life in detail. Included facts about her third husband, George, who played a large role in her story.

Joy Admson: Behind the Mask (by Caroline Cass)

This book was like a non-fiction story written in the style of a fiction book. There were very vivid descriptions of the events of her life, and it made this book interesting to read. The story focused on Joy’s personal life, and her experience raising Elsa.

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