Meme-ing of LifeFairly soon after receiving this assignment, I realized that I had no previous experience with meme-ing. I am not a very humorous person, so I struggled with trying to make these captioned pictures amusing. I went searching for meme inspiration on google, and ended up just searching for pictures that I thought I could work with. At the same time, I was brainstorming how the Hamilton Musical relates to current events and the curricular big ideas.

Hamilton6I chose to create this meme, mainly because I thought the caption matched the picture quite nicely. The meaning behind this particular meme can be interpreted different ways, depending on the situation you put it in. When I was originally creating the meme, I thought it could be accompanied with another picture, like this:GOODMeme2

While learning about Hamilton, I noticed that he is quite the opposite from someone like Trump. The story of Hamilton’s life is how he started from the bottom and worked his way towards success through his use of words and his determination. BottomHe was a penniless orphan that immigrated to New York to start a new life and make a difference in the lives of the lower class. Trump, on the other hand, started with an extremely large amount of money given to him from his father that started him off on his path to fame. He has spoken against immigration, suggesting to build walls in order to keep out other countries, and in my opinion, he does not care much for anyone other than the rich, white guys of America.

One way Hamilton and Trump are similar is in their ability to reach others using their words, although Trump uses his voice to discriminate against and isolate others, while Hamilton wrote towards creating equality and breaking down the walls between the privileged and lower class. While watching this video of an interview with Emma Watson, Lin Manuel Miranda stated, “We’ve been fighting about the same things forever…” This brought to my attention the fact that some of the values in the Hamilton musical are still being fought for today, especially since people like Trump are voicing their opinions against them.

Meme1I was focusing on the curricular big idea, ‘Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events.’ After rising to power, Hamilton fought for the equality of the upper and lower class during the American Revolution. By using his voice, he was able to create a new world for people like his younger self, and provided opportunities that were previously only imaginable. I believe that if Alexander Hamilton was alive today, he would have had the ability to influence our current society and speak up against issues such as those that Trump is proposing.

In the meme shown above, Hamilton says, “Don’t worry, I got this,” while stepping on front of the other men that laugh at the idea. I was trying to show that Hamilton would be able to stand up to Trump if he were speaking in the 2016 election, and save America from transforming into the place Hamilton spent his life trying to change.


This is just one more meme I created using an already popular joke on the internet (Trudeau/ True though) and a quote from Angelica in the Hamilton musical. When I first heard the Schuyler sisters song, I got the idea that they may have been some of the first feminists of their time. The line, “I’m ‘a compel him to include women in the sequel” emphasized that they wanted equality for women in the future, which happens to be one of the things that our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, stands for. This is another one of those emerging ideas that has shaped what society looks like today, and I am sure that the Schuyler sisters would be happy to see how feminists’ work has impacted our lives.