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May 2016

They Called Me Notre Dame de Thermidor

My old love, Jean Lambert Tallien:   It has been so long since we last spoke, and I cannot help but bid one last goodbye to the man I once knew all too well. I never expected life to hold… Continue Reading →

Put a Ring On It

August 10, 1793 Entry 784, Life has been crazy over these past few years. I knew I should have been cautious of all those desperate lower class citizens trying to accuse us aristocrats of being anti-revolutionaries. They had these ideas imprinted in their minds that all people born… Continue Reading →

Off With His Head

From my understanding, this article is about the letter sent sent to Laffitte, an executive officer of the district administration at Saint-Sever, regarding the events leading up to the downfall of Robespierre. This letter was sent on July 29, 1794… Continue Reading →

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