From my understanding, this article is about the letter sent sent to Laffitte, an executive officer of the district administration at Saint-Sever, regarding the events leading up to the downfall of Robespierre. This letter was sent on July 29, 1794 (commonly known as the 11th day of Thermidor,) and included information on what caused the people of Paris to turn against Robespierre and ultimately send him to the guillotine. Jean-Lambert Tallien was one of the men that organized the attack, and this was prompted by my character, Thérésa Tallien. Thérésa was the one that forced the idea upon Jean-Lambert Tallien to turn against Robespierre, and her actions ended up playing a major part in the French Revolution. This was an important event because it was when the people “…finally had the sense to take some measures instead of declaiming to one another that [they] had to die at [their] post.” The people finally realized that they could express their feelings without holding back because of one man with a lot of control. As stated near the end of the letter, “Robespierre was abandoned, and he [was] no more!” meaning they were able to get rid of the power imbalance and cause of poor leadership.


Although the letter was not signed, the information was from THE NINTH OF THERMIDOR by Richard Bienven (234–35.)