August 10, 1793

Entry 784,

Life has been crazy over these past few years. I knew I should have been cautious of all those desperate lower class citizens trying to accuse us aristocrats of being anti-revolutionaries. They had these ideas imprinted in their minds that all people born with more wealth and opportunities were opposing ideas of change and revolution. This was possibly put in place by articles such as these that classify all upper class members as selfish, spoiled and stupid. I bet Robespierre couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to turn them against us, and lately, I’ve found myself behind bars. I mean, what power do I have in prison? I found myself awaiting my execution along with several other innocent people, only dreaming of a brighter future where people didn’t take our opinions and ideas for granted.

Thank goodness I met Jean Lambert Tallien— my get-out-of-jail ticket. He is such a wealthy and powerful man, and he’s head over heels in love with me. The only problem is that his job can get extremely cruel and disturbing, and we certainly don’t agree on everything. I still cannot believe he voted for the murder of the king. However, without him by my side, I cannot have had half the influence I do right now while manipulating this man to obey my wishes. He listened to me as I requested the release of many aristocrats from their fate in prison, including my own, and I feel like there is a lot of potential for creating a change together that will impact the terrors that are sure to come with this Robespierre character coming into play. Now all we have left to do is seal the deal and put a ring on it.

We’re quite the interesting pair, Jean Lambert Tallien and I— a founding member of the Committee of Public Safety and an aristocratic prisoner with the intention of springing many other inmates from jail. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being called to Paris to explain his case to the leaders. After all, there is only so long he will go without becoming suspicious as I have.