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Screenshot of my Timetable & Plan

School has rolled in, and it feels like I’m back completing round three of my In-depth project.

However, this time, I’ll be focusing on a new field of study: kinesiology and the human body— in particular, physiotherapy. I have been looking forward to studying this ever since I signed up for the course earlier in the year. As someone that barely learned about the human body, I need to build a foundation of knowledge before diving into the more complex aspects of the project. So far, I have been chipping away at the list of items on my proposal.

Firstly, I researched an overview of the general topic of physiotherapy. There are several different areas of study within the broad term of “physiotherapy,”  including neurologic, geriatrics, cardiovascular, pediatric, and orthopedics. I was able to narrow down my project to focus on musculoskeletal physical therapy, and specifically on sports injury rehabilitation. I felt that this type would be the most relevant to me since I play several sports, and would be able to apply what I learn to my life now, in addition to in the future. I also found more information on the education needed to pursuit this as a career, how stable this would be as a job, and what types of treatments they perform.

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Next, I began searching for a mentor that I would be able to shadow, and locations that I could volunteer at. I reached out to three clinics, two of which have responded positively. The first was Fortius Sport and Health Center, who is currently checking to see if there are any physios who are willing to help out a couple of times a month. The second was Trailside Physio Center, and I have had the most promising response from one of the physiotherapists at the clinic. I was directed towards Travis Tomlin from a friend who was recently a patient of his. We are currently on schedule to have our first Skype call on Wednesday night to clarify details on our sessions, and to exchange ideas on how the project will look.

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Recently, I started searching for ways to gain knowledge in between my mentoring classes. Since basically all of the online courses on introductory physiotherapy and kinesiology are for University students, I decided that it would be best for me to watch Khan Academy videos instead. The videos have very clear explanations that break down the information so that I can understand it better. I am beginning my research by developing fundamental knowledge on human anatomy, focusing on the skeletal and muscular systems. I hope to finish my notes on these systems before my first mentoring session so that I will be better prepared to take my learning even further. If you would like to find out a bit more about what I have been learning, you can view my Google document which has the notes I have taken from the Khan Academy videos on Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Every day that I work on my project, I record it in my log book to keep track of how much time I spend on the course, and to monitor what I have accomplished up to this point. I also have a google document with all the notes I collected during the first few weeks of the project. I have been making steady progress, and I hope to be able to develop a plan for my mentoring sessions by the time of my next blog post. Overall, I intend on continuing to build a base for my learning, and I am looking forward to diving further into the project. I hope my studies will be able to open up opportunities for my future, and give me an introduction into a potential career path.