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It is now eight weeks into the semester, and things are definitely moving along.

Since my last post, I finished the video on the Cellular Structure of Bones, and began researching on the feet and ankles. I learned about the gait cycle, and causes for common injuries. My notes are included on this google doc, and I will be continuing with this after I have learned more about the knees and possibly the shins/calves.

About a week ago, my mentor was extremely kind in taking time to clarify the direction in which I should take my project to accomplish the goals I have set, in addition to providing me with resources to get started. I appreciate the fact that he gave me plenty of articles to read and questions to look into, while giving me enough freedom and flexibility to explore this information at my own pace and to my own interest.

The main focuses he suggested to look into were:

  • What a physio is
  • What their practice looks like in BC specifically
  • What the ICF is and how it describes “what’s going on” in terms of physiotherapy
  • What muscles, ligaments, cartilages, tendons, nerves, and connective tissues are

Over the past week, I was able to look into the first three focuses stated above. The ICF manual is quite difficult to read, and has lots of useful information so I am planning on looking further into it over this week, as well as find out about the final focus stated above. Everything I learn in this project is being recorded in one of several google docs that I will use as notes to look back on in order to create my portfolio of learning. The research I am currently doing is being recorded in this google doc. The information is all from the resources that my mentor has sent me.

At first I was a bit anxious about having to memorize and digest all of the information that was available to me. However, Travis assured that I would not have to worry about memorizing everything, as he believed that exposure and familiarity was more important than mastery. So far, I am taking my time to understand and process the information, while doing additional research when necessary to clarify any questions I have. I am not familiar with all of the terminology used in the ICF manual, so I’ve been finding it helpful to take extra time to go through this resource. After I finish this introduction to physiotherapy, my focus will shift from getting an overview to narrowing down to the first of the five joints I will be focusing on: the knee.

In the next week or so, I will be emailing Travis with an overview of what I thought about the resources, and any questions I may have. From there, we can discuss what I should start looking into and hopefully set up a session soon. I can’t wait to see what will be accomplished from now until the next blog post!

This is my logbook with the details about what I have been doing each week