One of the most important things I learned from this project was that when you give back to the community, you’re getting back valuable experience that you can learn from and use in the future. Whether you’re working with people in a workshop or face-painting kids at a festival, there are a variety of skills you learn that can be applied to different areas. For instance, I’ve been able to practice my communication skills while interacting with people at festivals, and while sorting out details with Lynn and Wendy, the Flying Squad organizers, to plan for the volunteer workshop.

In preparation for the Face Painting Workshop, I created a google doc to plan out what was needed in order to host the event. This included materials, design ideas, and general procedures. I did some research on different popular pictures for kids, and compiled a list that Wendy ended up looking over and printing out. One tip I received from Wendy was to focus on designs that were relevant to future events, such as Canada day.

I also created the draft copy of the Eventbrite sign up invitation. I attended the event, and came early to help out with set up, which included putting up signs, having everyone sign in when they arrived, and checking in with each table to make sure everyone had their proper forms filled out. During the event, Wendy did some demonstrations on proper face painting techniques, and we were given the opportunity to practice on our own arms. It was definitely helpful, especially since I’ll probably be getting plenty of chances to practice at events and festivals during the summer. After the event was over, I helped with take down.

cvc1screenshot-112Some other tasks I completed as part of this Leadership project with the Flying Squad was providing feedback on their old brochure and flyers, as well as “re-vamping” some of it to make it more eye-catching and relevant to the organization currently. I was asked to provide feedback on the Community Volunteer Connections brochure, and see if any improvements could be made. I did not have too many edits to make since all-in-all, it was very colourful, interesting to look at, and relevant. I also edited the volunteer agreement booklet given to new Flying Squad members before they start volunteering. I did some research on the updated volunteering agreements in Canada, and made sure that all the necessary information was included on the forms. I did some editing on the formatting and fonts, as well as some minor grammatical corrections.



Overall, I recorded about 6 hours in online work (editing/revising), 2 hours for attending the Facepainting workshop, and 4.5 hours while volunteering to face paint and share info on the Flying Squad at the Farmer’s market. The rest of my Leadership 12 volunteer hours came from attending the Wildlife Rescue orientation session, counting herons at Colony Farms, and scorekeeping for basketball during Junior games and the spring league season. I believe that I’ve gained plenty of valuable experience during this project, which I will be able to apply in the future for a variety of different areas!