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Off With His Head

From my understanding, this article is about the letter sent sent to Laffitte, an executive officer of the district administration at Saint-Sever, regarding the events leading up to the downfall of Robespierre. This letter was sent on July 29, 1794… Continue Reading →

Get Me Out of Here

October 6th, 1789 Entry 532, Why should a fifteen year old have to worry about raising her child while surviving an abusive relationship? I don’t know how much longer I can stand this. It was bad enough that father arranged for… Continue Reading →

Hip Hop Home Stretch

It’s already the 16th week update, which means the project is drawing to an end. Luckily, there is still a little over a month left before In-depth night when we will be presenting. During this blog post, I’ll be giving… Continue Reading →

What Is The Meme-ing Of This?

Fairly soon after receiving this assignment, I realized that I had no previous experience with meme-ing. I am not a very humorous person, so I struggled with trying to make these captioned pictures amusing. I went searching for meme inspiration on google,… Continue Reading →

Splitting Apart, But Growing Together

A lot has happened over these past two weeks. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with two mentors, both of which have taught me several new things about hip hop dancing. I met with one of my mentors, Bev Soh,… Continue Reading →

Turning a Blind Eye Towards Discrimination

Sure, the world has gotten a lot better at tackling the issue of discrimination since a century ago. However, those that have never been oppressed may be unaware that this is still a problem in our world today. A while ago,… Continue Reading →

Moving Along

This In-depth project seems to be moving right along. I can’t believe it has already been 8 weeks since we first started the project! I have been able to learn a bit more of the routine from “When it counts”, and… Continue Reading →

A Gradual Step by Step Progress

These past two weeks have been especially productive for my In-depth project. In addition to my weekly Music Video Hip-Hop classes with Anne, Elyssa, and Mira, I was able to find time to learn a bit of the choreography from… Continue Reading →

Exploring the New Curriculum

So far, this new Socials curriculum has been pretty interesting to explore. Compared to the old PLO booklet, I find that this one is categorized and organized nicely so that it is easy to follow. While looking at the Core competency… Continue Reading →

Channeling My Inner Confidence

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